Ready to Develop Your Business?

We Bring Your Vision to Life

Businesses are important to us. We invest countless sleepless nights along with money and hard work into our business and strive to see it grow and become successful. This is why we develop emotional attachment with our businesses and are unable to see what it needs in order for it to develop and grow. Involving a third person in this makes it easier for us to see decisions that lead to a successful business. This is where EZ Rapid Tax can help. We have worked with numerous businesses entities and have seen them flourish and become successful. Our team compromises of experts and professionals that are highly knowledgeable and have helped many businesses excel. With the experience of working with numerous businesses, we have the insight to bring your business great benefits.

We also offer Pre-business workshops that will assist you to survey the potential of business ideas and help you to decide whether a particular business idea is worth trying or not. These workshops also provide the foundation for the development of a sound business plan so that you can start your business and grow it. Moreover, if you want consultation on a particular business plan or your current business, we have experienced and qualified counselors that can help you refine your plan and access the information you need for growing your business.

EZ Rapid Tax has a team of focused experts that will completely focus on the growth of your business. As the experts at EZ Rapid Tax trained annually they are updated with all the latest marketing tools and tactics necessary for developing a business.  Whether it’s hiring new employees or developing new systems, our attention will be on the sole purpose of growing your business and making it as profitable as we can. Our specialized team will bring individuals focus and productivity to another height.

Already in business?

Here at EZ Rapid Tax, our goal is to provide excellence and high-quality service at an affordable price so everyone can avail it. We are highly focused on our clients, your needs and preferences that become our first and utmost priority. No matter what your need is, increasing profits or growing your business, we can help! Our team is well versed and equipped and have systems and structures developed to take your business to the next level.

Ready To Setup My Business Entity!

Forming a business entity can seem like a straight forward process, but can easily become a stressful result if you aren’t prepared. EZ Rapid Tax Multi Service has been helping business owners for years and knows how to protect you from any liability while saving you money on taxes. These are just a few key steps to consider when forming your Business:

  • Filing Formation Paperwork  
  • Establish & Set Up a Financial and Tax Account(s)
    • Get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).
    • Open a business bank account.
    • Register with state and local taxing and licensing agencies.
  • Getting Business Insurance
  • One Person
  • Unlimited Person Liability
  • Personal Tax Only
  • Two of More People
  • Unlimited personal liability unless structured as a limited partnership
  • Self-employment tax (except for limited partners) Personal tax
  • One of More People
  • Owners are not personally liable
  • Self-employment tax, Personal tax or Corporate tax
  • One of More People
  • Owners are not Personal Liable
  • Corporate tax
  • One or More People, but no more than 100, and all must be U.S Citizens
  • Owners are not personally liable
  • Personal tax
  • One or More People
  • Owners are not personally liable
  • Corporate tax
  • One or More People
  • Owners are not personally liable
  • Tax-exempt, but corporate profits can’t be distributed