We offer complete IRS and State Tax agency representation personally or on behalf of your Business. We will manage, negotiate and settle any claims, audits, payments, or debt you may have against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). No one expects or volunteers to be audited by the IRS. If you have ever been in that situation, then you know how stressful it can be. Despite having all your records in order, this can be a nerve wrecking experience that can determine the outcome of a refund or charge back.

Here at Ez Rapid tax, we make sure we do everything by the book to keep you in line with Local State and Federal Laws. We understand Audits too well, and make sure we provide our customers with all the resources and assistance possible. Here are just a few areas we cover.

  • Business Audit Representation
  • Individual Audit Representation
  • Over the Phone Representation
  • Supporting Document Request (Tax Preparation)
  • ITIN Application and Supporting Documents

Need to speak with the IRS directly? Before you call, we recommend you check out the topics people ask about most on their website. The IRS experiences a high call volumes so we highly encourage you to use the links below to see if they can answer your question first.


IRS Number

TTY/TDD Service

IRS Number


IRS Number