At Ez Rapid Tax we can help you Notarize documents when you need it. A Notary Public in the United States, has been commissioned by the Secretary of State of Texas to witness and authenticate signatures in legal documents, such as sales invoices, real estate contracts or transfers of vehicle titles. Notaries authenticate signatures by placing their personal notary stamp or seal and signature on the document.


Notaries Public are not Lawyers.

We can help by notifying letters such as Travel Permit for a minor, Letters of Invitation to come to the USA, Power and School Letters, etc.

Notary Public Mobile Service we  provide Notarization service in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we can go to your home, office or hospital if you need it.

All general notarizations performed including:

  • Legal personnel documents.
  • Business and corporate papers.
  • Medical / adoption documents.
  • Real Estate and Loan Signings.
Public-Notary Notorize Service - Ez Rapid Tax Multi Service offers professional, friendly and accurate tax preparation service. Find our tax services office location in Carrollton, TX, Farmer's Branch, TX, & Fort Worth, TX.